Product Packaging Design – “In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.”
-Peter Nivio Zarlenga

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Packaging Design – Product Branding

Industrial Packaging Design (Shutter Alarm)
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Industrial Packaging Design (Door Alarm)

Your Product Packaging makes a lasting first impression on your customers. We make impressive Packaging Design that will tell your customers your brand’s story and keep customers coming back.

We do Cosmetics Packaging Design, Industrial Packaging Design, Household Products Packaging, Pharmaceutical Products Packaging and more. 

From leading FMCG companies to emerging B2B enterprises, we have helped brands grow from the ground up.

As seasoned artists and designers, we understand, that at times there’s no clear path to creativity.

To ensure clarity of thought and purpose, our design process and marketing strategies provide much-needed structure to an otherwise abstract field.

Each day, we come to work ready to roll up our sleeves, have fun, and create experiences that matter – to you and your end users.

We Brainstorm, Sketch, Prototype, Analyze, and source our way through design challenges – all while interacting with you in light hearted, goal-oriented strat sessions.

We are the best Packaging Design Agency in Kolkata. If you plan to make your packaging done by us, you are in for sheer brilliance and stand out materiel.

For us, each design project is a unique combination of imaginative ad strategic information. Proudly based in Pune, we strive to deliver a strong brand character for products and brands across Maharashtra and India that can withstand the fast paced digital world for a lasting impact.

An appealing brand identity boosts your overall advertising efforts. The best brands are those that connect with customers with compelling imagery, value and a sense of purpose. Those that are timeless

Packaging design and development are often thought of as an integral part of the new product development process. Alternatively, development of a package (or component) can be a separate process, but must be linked closely with the product to be packaged. Package design starts with the identification of all the requirements: structural design, marketing, shelf life, quality assurance, logistics, legal, regulatory, graphic design, end-use, environmental, etc. The design criteria, performance (specified by package testing), completion time targets, resources, and cost constraints need to be established and agreed upon.

Why choose us? 
We are more than a Agency. We like to think ourselves as brand custodians for our clients. Work with us to make your brand grow beyond your vision.

We are a boutique creative agency with lower overheads and considerably ‘less mouths to feed’ so fees and charges are lower.

You will get Individualized Attention and more personable experience. You’re in direct contact with the specialists working with your project.

At a big agency, results might be measured in terms of “did we win an award?” Being a boutique agency at “Adillusion”, the question is more likely to be, “did we help our client’s business?”