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We are a Kolkata based boutique advertising agency. We are here to tell your story, shape your brand and make you memorable. We are helping our clients all over the world to create eye-catching and unforgettable creative solutions.

product placement in bollywood movies

Bollywood is the central platform in the media world. Every Brand wants Bollywood Stars to endorse their products. With Partnership with “Happy Productions” Mumbai, we offer you the most cost effective platform with all the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. We can give you the same Bollywood stars with more reach than you can imagine that too at a fraction of the cost!

We are not talking 10, we are talking about 100 million+ views on your product. Which means, minium 10 crore Indians reached in just 20-30 lakhs.

Celebrity Endorsements

Advertising in which a celebrity endorses a product or brand leverages celebrity power, fame, money, popularity to gain recognition for their products or to promote specific stores’ or products. Advertisers often advertise their products, for example, when celebrities share their favorite products or wear clothes by specific brands or designers. Celebrities are often involved in advertising campaigns such as television or print adverts to advertise specific or general products. 

Advertising in YouTube and Electronics Media

The benefits of advertising on YouTube and other Digital Media far outweigh any reservations you may have about incorporating video ads into your marketing strategy. To truly maximize these benefits it is important you take the time to invest in creating a video ad that is creative and personal. Make a video that will resonate with your target audience and will motivate them to share it with others.

We do cost effective Ad film for YouTube, Digital Media and TVCs.