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Product Placement in Bollywood Movies

Bollywood is the central platform in the media world. Every Brand wants Bollywood Stars to endorse their products. With Partnership with “Happy Productions” Mumbai, we offer you the most cost effective platform with all the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. We can give you the same Bollywood stars with more reach than you can imagine that too at a fraction of the cost!

We are not talking 10, we are talking about 100 million+ views on your product. Which means, minium 10 crore Indians reached in just 20-30 lakhs.

Why choose us? 
We are more than a Agency. We like to think ourselves as brand custodians for our clients. Work with us to make your brand grow beyond your vision.

We are a boutique creative agency with lower overheads and considerably ‘less mouths to feed’ so fees and charges are lower.

You will get Individualized Attention and more personable experience. You’re in direct contact with the specialists working with your project.

At a big agency, results might be measured in terms of “did we win an award?” Being a boutique agency at “Adillusion”, the question is more likely to be, “did we help our client’s business?”